Thursday, January 15

Links to News Sources

Here in Jerusalem we're able to watch CNN. We're able to watch Israeli television and news. And we're able to watch Al Jazeera, a news station that gives a different perspective than what we hear from North America or in Israel.

From Al Jazeera's youtube channel, you can watch some of their video clips. These are the very same clips that are constantly on the news in the homes of our neighbors and in coffee shops around the West Bank. They show a different side to 'Operation Cast Lead', a side that when viewed should give anyone pause in their enthusiasm for Israel's right to defend itself.
The channel hosted by Israel National News has a nationalistic bent to it. They view Palestinians, or, as they're generally referred to by Israel National News, Arabs, as at best a danger to the State of Israel, and at worst as wanting to destroy the country.

The third link is to an Israeli magazine, Ha-aretz, which means 'the Land'.

The fourth is a link to a Jordanian magazine, the Jordan Times.




Regarding the two video channels, I want to be sure that readers understand that I'm not intending to equate the two perspectives; I think Al Jazeera does a fairly good job of presenting an aspect of the situation in Gaza that native English speakers often don't hear (unless we intentionally seek out this type of coverage) and in general provides balanced reporting. I think INN reports the situation as they understand it, but they often don't present a full picture of what is happening here. They give a narrow perspective on things.

The challenge for us as MCC workers is to try to understand the feelings and perspectives of both sides here. Developing relationships is a beginning to the process of understanding the root issues of this conflict and encouraging all to look towards justice and peace as the way towards a better future for everyone who calls this land home. A few minutes perusing the links above can give you a good idea of how difficult it is to call for justice and peace in a place where each seems so far away.

Trey Hulsey is an MCC Peace Development Worker living in Israel/Palestine. He LOVES playing football (soccer) with his friends there.

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Garry Janzen said...

Thank you, Trey, for these excellent sources of balanced information. We continue to fast and pray for and end to the violence and a lasting peace.
Garry Janzen