Tuesday, September 16

Partner Profile: Palestinian Hydrology Group

The Palestinian Hydrology Group is one of MCC's partner organizations in Israel/Palestine. MCC supports PHG with an annual financial contribution and frequent visits to their projects throughout the West Bank. PHG works to provide local communities with water for drinking and agriculture.

On visits to PHG's projects, MCCers meet with beneficiaries who have been given access to more water resources. These farmers and families are always happy to share what they have with MCC staff. We often leave these visits with armfuls of whatever happens to be in season. As you can see in these pictures, these families benefit from the extra water. This helps not only in food production in these communities, but often farmers are able to begin marketing produce as well as a result of PHG's work.

This is one of the wells PHG helped renovate. Most of the wells PHG works with are in poor condition, leak water, and are inefficient. PHG's work with local communities to upgrade wells helps conserve the scarce natural water resources in the West Bank.

A familiar sight to anyone who's visited Palestine, we were immediately offered coffee and tea when we visited the committee that helps choose wells to renovate. This committee is made up of local farmers who themselves have benefited from PHG's work. The committee searches for communities that are in need, but also that will benefit from the type of small-scale community development projects that PHG specializes in.

Of course, due to the traditional hospitality here, we never leave empty-handed. MCC is able to give through its partnershp with PHG, but it's also given to...

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